Delivering a speech at the ceremony, which was hosted by Mesut Yar, İNTİSAD President Lawyer Selahattin Par said: “We have done a lot of work in 5 years. We took place in many continents including Africa, Dubai, Qatar, Europe and America. We traveled 25 thousand kilometers. We have brought many of our members together and brought them to the business world. We have developed a business volume of 100 million dollars. Hopefully, we will increase this volume even more in the coming period. We are on the way to becoming a traditional brand, today is our 5th year, we organized an international award ceremony. Many local and foreign business people are here, we will give them all their awards.”


Explaining the main objectives of the association, Par said, “One of them is to create a friendship and trade network in the national and international arena. With the network we have created in 5 years, we have brought our members to a trade volume of 100 million dollars. We aim for this to reach billion dollars in the following years. NGOs around the world are developing the countries in which they are located, but most of them live on the aid we receive. İNTİSAD carries out many activities for the development of our country. For example, we have provided serious support to the earthquake region. We are also working to contribute to our country and the world with our social responsibility projects. We want to be a factory of business people. We have mentored more than 200 young people so far. We have also taken place as a representative office in all universities in Istanbul. We have ensured that our young people start working by guiding them without any worries when they step into the business world. This year we will start guiding students abroad. We will train the business people of the future. We have guests from Ghana, Cameroon, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Dubai, Germany and Qatar. Hopefully, next year this diversity will be even more.”

At the night, the Green Will Save the World Project launched by the association in 2017 and new generation production policies for environmental production and protection of ecological balance were also discussed.