Family Law

You can meet face-to-face or online with our lawyers who are experts in family law.

Divorce and family law has become one of the most important branches of law in Turkey in recent years. Due to the increase in divorce rates, offices that provide professional consultancy and litigation services are trying to help people.

General provisions on family law, engagement, marriage, divorce and protection of the family and marriage; While inheritance law covers the transactions made by the legator before his death and the sharing of rights between heirs after his death, civil law is the branch of law that regulates custody, guardianship, trustee, population, age, adoption, paternity and other general provisions.

We can list our works as attorney and consultancy services in the context of divorce and family law as follows.

Attorney Services

divorce cases
custody cases
Compensation and alimony cases
paternity suit
Children’s property management
Domestic violence cases
Lawsuits for assault on personal rights
Family housing and applications
Cases arising from Law No. 4320 on the protection of the family
Property partnership, separation, property regimes
Legal purchasing rights of spouses in the property regime
Inheritance denial cases
Obtaining the heir certificate
Cases for annulment of inheritance certificate
Lawsuits arising from break of engagement
Adoption permit litigation
Marriage permit, abolition of waiting period for women
Rejection of lineage, line correction and paternity cases
Age correction and accidental legal proceedings
annulment cases
Precautionary measures in the estate
Cases of abandonment and return in inheritance
Guardianship and trustee cases
Cases for annulment of will

Consultancy services

Control of custody
Supervision of guardianship
Alimony tracking
Suspension decision follow-up
Taking protective measures regarding family law
Control of rights to housing and property
Protection and control of inheritance rights
Supervision and resolution of peer-to-peer legal issues
Inspection of the property regime between the spouses and taking the necessary measures

Within the scope of divorce and family law, we carry out dispute resolution, litigation and follow-up procedures between spouses.