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We produce special solutions with our expert staff and solution partners in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Qatar, America and Turkey.

Par Law & Mediation Firm by accustoming to the changes taking place in local (Turkey) and international legislation has clients from Turkey as well as abroad. The law firm which is based in Istanbul in addition to our partners located in Ankara, Izmir, Urfa, London, Warsaw, Moscow, Kiev, Tbilisi, Munich, Berlin and Doha provide its clients with both advocacy and counselling services. In the near future, the law firm is also considering to form parrtnership at New York as well with the aim to meet the demands and find solutions to the most complex challenges of clients with a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.  The law firm is currently litigating and providing legal counselling services to people and companies that are involved approximately in all the constituents of the health sector in Turkey namingly (Hospital, Medical Center, Outpatient, Surgery, Pharmacy, OSGB, Physician, Medical Staff, Patients, Medical and Pharmaceutical Companies, et al.) 
Par law firm, by considering the intensity of the Turkish Justice system inaccordance to the principle of procedural economy, focuses to provide a minimum solution plan in terms of cost and time to their clients. The firm is capable of accomplishing it successfully by providing precautionary methods prior to emergence of any legal problems.
The firm is expertise in a diverse range of practice areas where clients are supported; especially negative declaratory and nullity actions based on the deductions and penalties claimed by the Social Security Institution (SGK) and moreover in areas related to the clients business and private life namely medical negligence and tort such as personal injuries (compensation claims) traffic accidents and workplace accidents, deferral of bankruptcy proceedings (insolvency), sports law, intellectual property disputes as well as tax penalty disputes.
Additionally, to provide better communication services and the best possible outcome for our clients, our lawyers have the right mix of skills, experience and approach by being fully mastered in at least one other foreign language.
Alongside the work, they strive to achieve higher educational skills (further academic studies) both for national and international law with regard to providing fast and effective solutions to our domestic and international clients dealing with all areas of law.
Par law firm presents the advocacy and counselling services to its clients in accordance to legal and financial issues with pragmatism and a friendly, sensitive approach by linking creative solutions and supporting the views of advisers both locally and internationally. Notwithstanding that dealing with law is stressful, our practice is aimed to give priority to the client’s interest and then to make the legal system work in a way to meet the client’s needs rather than the other way round.
Trade secrets of our clients form the highest level of importance in our practice. Laterally, it is our duty to notify both to our existing and potential clients about any situation relating to ‘conflict of interest’. The main principle behind our behaviour and when establishing business relation with our clients is congruence to Legal Profession principles, Turkey Bar Association prepared regulations for prohibition of advertisement and Legal Profession Rules based on European Union.
PRIVACY: Confidentiality is very important to the attorney-client relationship. It is critical that the client’s confidentiality be protected at all times by those who on behalf of this firm assist the client during the legal representation.
Our clients deserve to have their exclusive matters handled in a professional and confidential manner at all times, unless if it is required by provisions of law and the law itself or if it has been expressly authorised by the client.

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Selahattin PAR

Founding Lawyer

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Managing Lawyer


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Hatice OGUZ

CPA, Independent Auditor

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