Bankruptcy Law

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Against debtors who do not fulfill their debts on time and with their consent, within the scope of the Law No. 2004 on Execution and Bankruptcy; The branch of law that regulates how the creditors will get their receivables with the help of state power is called enforcement and bankruptcy law or forced enforcement law. It has only given the state the authority to use force in the law of enforcement. In order for the creditor to regain his receivables, the State seizes the debtor’s properties by the enforcement organs (executive office), these goods are sold and the creditor’s receivable is paid with the money obtained. In our office in Istanbul, we provide legal support for all kinds of enforcement proceedings and lawsuits with our team, which is highly experienced in enforcement law.

Enforcement Follow-ups
Precautionary Seizure and Precautionary Seizure Objection Cases
Getting Out of Debt, Negative Determination and Recovery Cases,
Objection to Signature and Debt,
Remuneration Litigation,
Postponement of Bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedure,
Other Cases Under the Jurisdiction of the Enforcement Civil and Enforcement Criminal Courts.

Each of the Enforcement Lawyers working in our office has great experience in the field of Execution – Bankruptcy law.