Press Law

You can meet face-to-face or online with our lawyers who are experts in the field of press law.

We provide all kinds of consultancy and advocacy services to companies and groups operating in the field of press and media, especially those listed below;

– Preparation of contracts related to Media Law,
– Follow-up of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and other legal cases related to written, audio and visual broadcasts,
– Follow-up of the processes related to insults, slander and similar crimes related to the press and media at every stage before the judicial authorities,

Press law is a field that covers issues such as press freedom and the right to information. Press law is a right protected by laws and is created for the purpose of protecting press freedom. This field encompasses the right of the press to report, publish, and comment.

Press law ensures that the press operates in a legally compliant manner and protects the accuracy and reliability of the content published by the press. This field also ensures that the press operates within the limits prescribed by laws and takes the necessary measures to prevent the press from violating laws.

Par Law & Mediation Office is a law firm specialized in press law issues and provides services to protect press freedom and ensure that the press operates in a legally compliant manner. Our firm offers legal consulting and defense services for those working in the press sector, such as press organizations and journalists. We also support press organizations in solving problems encountered during news reporting and publishing activities.

Par Law & Mediation Office, which provides current and effective services in the field of press law, aims to be a trusted option in the protection of press freedom and the compliance of the press with laws.