Commercial Law

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Looking at the dictionary explanation of commercial law, it is explained as the whole of the legislation in force, regulating trade-related activities. Although commercial law, a branch of private law, is closely related to the law of obligations, it differs from each other in fundamental points.

The fundamental basis of commercial law is the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 of 2011, which is an integral part of the Civil Code No. 4721 of 2001. Trade acts as a bridge between production and consumption. Considering that economic activities include many elements such as production, exchange, consumption and distribution, it can be seen that it has a wider scope than commercial activities.

On the other hand, although commercial law dealt with trade in a narrow scope at first, considering the inseparable relationship of commercial law practical applications with other elements, it gradually expanded to cover all economic activities. Commercial law, which has emerged over the years due to the problems that have arisen in people’s commercial relations and for the purpose of making commercial relations on a solid ground, provides solutions to these disputes of the parties.

As Par Law & Mediation Office, we provide services in the field of national and international commercial law to all our domestic and foreign clients dealing with trade with our expert team. Especially with the rapid development of technology and international trade, we produce legal solutions for many of our domestic and foreign clients, who do business both in our country and abroad, together with our partners abroad, so that they can do their trade in the most healthy and safe way.