International Law

You can meet face-to-face or online with our lawyers who are experts in the field of International Law.

We have close cooperation and business relations with reputable lawyers and law firms known worldwide, especially in important commercial centers such as Germany, France, England, Ghana, Niger, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Switzerland, Russia, Qatar, Dubai and the United States.

We provide Turkish law services to our foreign clients from all over the world; We also support our Turkish clients in their international commercial relations through foreign lawyers and law offices that we are in contact with.

For this purpose, we have determined our solution partners according to the country and region, which focuses on the trade culture and business environment in different countries and regions. Lawyers who can speak the mother tongue spoken in the relevant countries work in the offices we have partnered with, and are also supported by foreign lawyers temporarily coming from foreign offices specialized in their fields.

As Par Law & Mediation Office, we have been providing international legal support to many of our domestic and foreign clients, especially in gold and precious ores, which have been carried out between Ghana, Senegal, Dubai, Niger, the United States of America, Switzerland and Turkey, in order to carry out international trade in a healthy way.

At the International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Court (ICC), we provide the necessary legal consultancy services for our clients to conduct their business comfortably and safely in accordance with the provisions of international arbitration.