Tax Consultancy

We provide consultancy with our expert team for all tax processes, especially tax litigation and audit processes.

Periodic Audit and Ongoing Consultancy

To make regular monthly audits over the accounting records and documents of the companies and to ensure that the VAT, Withholding Tax, Provisional Tax, Income Tax / Corporate Tax Declarations to be submitted as a result are submitted correctly

Fraud and Corruption Audit

Detection of possible corruption in business organizations through internal audit,

Tax Litigation Consulting

The period for filing a lawsuit is limited to 30 days from the date of notification of the Tax and Penalty Notices to the taxpayer by the tax offices. In cases where a lawsuit can be filed before the tax courts within the aforementioned periods, the subject of the lawsuit should be evaluated in terms of tax legislation and this situation should be evaluated with legal experts.

Special Purpose Audit and Reporting

Making determinations and documenting them with a report on other needed issues such as capital increase etc. within the enterprise

Tax Inspection Consultancy Services

Consultancy services on the time periods, rights and process management that taxpayers should benefit from in their relations with Tax Inspectors during tax inspections