Emrullah Ceylan

Managing Lawyer

Foreign languages:

Areas of expertise:

Commercial law
Criminal law
Corporate Law
Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law


He was born in 1994 in Düzce. He completed his education life up to university in Düzce and completed his university education by graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Law with an Honorary Degree. He is registered to the Istanbul Bar Association and carries out his profession as a lawyer. He also acts as a Mediator registered with the Ministry of Justice and holds the title of Expert Mediator in the fields of Labor Law and Commercial Law. He is the Executive Lawyer at Par Law and Mediation Bureau, and his main areas of expertise are; Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law, Consumer Law and Real Estate Law. He speaks fluent English and Beginner German. Among the registered NGOs; There are UNICEF, Greenpeace, TEMA, AKUT and LÖSEV.