SUT’s Mouthful Apply to Judgment by Blow Off Everyone who has a close relationship with the health sector knows about SUT, but for those of us who don’t, we still find it useful to explain it briefly. SUT, its full name is Health Implementation Communiqué; It is the communiqué that the Social Security Institution has regulated the procedures and principles that the service providers (hospital, medical center, pharmacy, medical companies etc.) must comply with. The Presidency of the Social Security Institution updates the said communiqué by making certain changes every year and publishes it in the Official Gazette at the beginning of January and requests the service providers to comply with this communiqué that year. According to this communiqué, the contracts signed between the Social Security Institution Presidency and private service providers are updated and re-signed every year, or updates are made by adding addendums to the existing contracts. The Health Service Purchase Agreement from Private Health Service Providers signed between the parties with the said communiqué forms the basis of the legal relationship between these two parties. Therefore, the aforementioned notification and contract are of great importance in disputes that may arise between both parties. The Social Security Institution, using the power of being a state institution, issues the communiqués and contracts on its own, and demands that the private service providers sign the contracts it has prepared according to this communiqué, and the private service providers are obliged to sign these unilaterally prepared contracts. Although the communiqués and contracts issued by the Social Security Institution are drawn up by the lawyers of the institution, the persons who are usually contacted by the private service providers in the disputes that arise in practice are the officers of the institution who do not have enough legal knowledge or the inspectors who cannot do enough research and examination. Due to the fact that both the notification and the contracts are prepared unilaterally and the legal knowledge of the officers and inspectors who apply the notification during the implementation is not sufficient, service providers often experience great grievances because these people misinterpret the contract and the notification and make incomplete examinations. At the beginning of these grievances; non-payment of the service fee given to them by the service providers, unfair deductions made in the progress payments on the invoices they have issued to the institution, reimbursement of the money paid due to the invoice under improper payment with high interest, unjustified exorbitant penalties, warnings and termination of contracts. In recent years, due to the low wages paid by the Social Security Institution, the fluctuations in the economy around the world, the fact that the service providers could not receive as much as they should pay for the services they provided, the increasing costs and the payments being three months behind, many service providers had to close their workplaces or SSI. terminated its contract with SSI and started not to serve patients with SGK. In this case, it causes the victims of private health service providers, workers, healthcare professionals, businesses, especially citizens who are the patients of the Social Security Institution. In short, the SUT of the Social Security Institution stabbed the service providers. The service providers whose mouths burn have come to the point of blowing the SUT even while they are seeking their rights. However, you private health service providers; You have the right to apply to the judiciary against all the actions that the institution has made unjustly, and to stop an unfair action, if any, through interim injunction and then cancel it with a court decision. As we explained above, the basis of unfair transactions is the fact that the employees of the institution, who do not have sufficient legal knowledge, misinterpret the notification and the contract, and do not carry out detailed examinations and researches. As a matter of fact, in most of the decisions taken in hundreds of lawsuits brought by us, the said unfair proceedings were first stopped and later canceled by court decision on these grounds. What I mean is that private service providers who provide services to all citizens of our country, if you think that SUT is hurting you, you can apply to the judiciary and cancel it if there is an unfair action taken against you. You don’t need to blow the SUT to apply for the judicial remedy… Latest Articles 2020.03.24 – Those who are suffocating from SUT Apply to the Judiciary by Blowing – Continue of the article You can reach the mouth-yananlar-yargi-path-by-blowing-applying-m1063.html.