Our Founding Lawyer, Selahattin PAR, who is an expert in International Gold and Diamond trade and contracts law, visited Ghana to file some lawsuits on behalf of his clients, to sign contracts and to hold some negotiations on gold and diamond purchases. During his visit, Minister of Soil and Natural Resources, Mr. Samuel A. Jinapor, Ghana Parliamentary Group Leader Mr. Alexander Kwamina Afenyo Markin, Mr. Deputy Farouk Aliu Mahama, Founder of Goldridge Ghana Limited Mr. Dr. Sledge Duodu , Ghana Ambassador to Malta Mr. Jean Claude Galea , Mr. Atty. Edwin had talks with Arthur. During the visit, especially the problems of the traders who came to Afriya for gold and diamond trade around the world and were victims, and their new trade and investments were consulted.

Our Founding Lawyer Selahattin PAR, who goes to Africa from time to time due to the aforementioned business, stated to all traders who are interested in gold and diamond business that they should consult an expert lawyer before starting the trade, since trading here without trading in Africa poses great risks.